CMT-800When you upgrade from apC to iSTAR controllers you replace the hardware and reprogram the software. This reprogramming is often underestimated. A knowledgeable technician needs to track down and reprogram all the objects that are tied to the apC hardware, remove them and connect them to the new iSTAR hardware. This can take hours for each apC, adding days to the migration. Manual migration is a tedious, error-prone process. See "How much does it cost to reprogram".


The Controller Migration Tool allows a technician do this reprogramming in just minutes. It's a simple three step process:

Step 1


Select the source objects you want to move on a hardware tree.
Step 2


Select the target location on the destination tree. This is usually an empty iSTAR.
Step 3


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Make the modifications (updates the database).


FIS-CMT800 Data sheet (pdf)


  FIS-CMT800 In Action

Click on the "Migrate C-Cure Data" video below to see CMT800 in action. The Before and After videos show the 800 cofiguration before and after the migration.

Note: due to the size of the demo files, the may be a prior to the start of each video.

 Migrate C-Cure Data

C-Cure Data Before Migration

C-Cure Data After Migration 

 Move apC Object to iStar

Demonstrates quickly moving apC Readers, inputs, and outputs to an iStar. Objects associated with the hardware such as doors, groups, clearances, and events do not need to be reprogrammed.

Initial apC Setup

This video shows the apC hardware configuration prior to the migration. Doors, groups, readers, inputs, outputs, clearances, and events are tied to the apCs.

 Display data after Migration

Displays the apCs and related objects after using CMT to confirm everything got transferred.

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Please contact FIS for pricing or to arrange for a trial or live demo.



Customer Comments


We have saved almost 100 programming hours already, and still have half our controllers to convert. Highly recommended.
-Ed M, Senior Technician 
I converted After we tried the tool, we wouldn't do a migration any other way.

-Bill H