HR diagramPersonnel data is usually entered and maintained in a enterprise systems such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, Banner and Workday. A new hire needs a badge, paycheck, computer and physical access. A termination requires access to be quickly deactivated. Manual processes are inefficient and error-prone. Our Facility HR helps streamline the process. Key features and benefits:

  • Support for all models of S2 NetBox which include the S2 API

  • Integrates with virtually any HR systems— SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Workday, Lawson, Banner, Blackboard, etc.

  • Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for speed and reliability.

  • Customizable business rules allow precise control of your data. For example, a rule can allow HR to disable a card’s access but require a security operator to re-enable access.

  • Data is flexibly transmitted from the HR system by database table or text file. Using advanced techniques, the Facility HR software determines what has changed, removing this burden from the HR IT staff.

  • Intelligent processing ensures that no updates are lost due to network or database problems. Once the outage is repaired, all changes are applied.