C•CURE Migration Tools and Services

The Controller Migration Tools (FIS-CMT800 and FIS-CMT9000) are labor-saving software used to migrate from apC to iSTAR controllers on both the 800 and 9000. With just a few clicks you save save hours of programming time.

Our 800 merge service allow you to consolidate servers, saving on hardware, software, and maintenance. You provide a backup of each 800/8000 and FIS merges the configuration and personnel data.

We have equipment and tools to move legacy customers from the C•CURE 1 Plus to C•CURE 800 and 9000.

  • CMT800
    Controller Migration Tool for C•CURE 800/8000.
  • CMT9000
    Controller Migration Tool for C-Cure 9000.
  • 800 Merge
    Database merge service for C•CURE 800/8000



Customer Comments


I converted 6 apCs in about an hour with CMT. This would have taken several days to do manually.

-D.K., Senior Technician