Other AppsFIS can provide software and services to get data in and out of the C•CURE 800/8000 and 9000. Because C•CURE 800 data is stored in a Progress database, it is often difficult to share data with other customer applications.

We provide software which retrieves the Progress data, processes it, then writes it to a location where it can be used. The location can be a text file, local database, or database on a remote server.

We also provide expert installation and support services, on-site and remote.

 Partial Application List

  • Export of admits and rejects automatically to ArcSight
  • Clearance expiration
  • Replication of data to SQL Server for customer reporting
  • Automatic e-mail to security manager when a clearance is assign to the wrong class of person
  • Integration with customer intranet workflow application to allow after-hours access to secure areas
  • Near-realtime export of 9000 access activity for Medstan in/out display